Cyber-Gym 3.0 CTF Writeup

Hello everyone , i am back with an another CTF blog , but this time as a creator and organiser of the event. Me and few of my colleagues Aravind Prakash and Moksh Makhija are from different domain Web , Android and Network . so we thought of bringing challenges from each domain so that... Continue Reading →

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Cyber-Gym 2.0 CTF Writeup

Hello Everyone Recently i have participated in my company CTF , Cyber-Gym 2.0   The CTF format was in jeopardy. which has all type of challenges such as Cryptography, Stegnography, Web , Misc , Exploit Development . Rules for the CTF are quite simple. No automated scripts allowed , No Nmap allowed , No dirbuster... Continue Reading →

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The new CEH v10

The first Ethical Hacking Certification was launched in 2002. The world had not known of such a program or certification, and obviously, it was met with suspicion. The word hacker did not go down well with organizations and authorities around the world. This being the situation, the course still found its momentum through the need... Continue Reading →

How to Prepare for OSCP?

Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) is a certification program that focuses on hands-on offensive information security skills. It consists of two parts: a nearly 24-hour pen testing exam, and a documentation report due 24 hours after it. OSCP is a very hands-on exam. Before you can take the OSCP exam, you are required to take... Continue Reading →

Should you buy a Core i9 laptop?

Can't decide if you need a 6-core Core i9 laptop? We can help. If you’re asking yourself: “Should I buy a Core i9 laptop?” don’t worry. We can help you cut through the hype, innuendo, and specs so you can make the right decision. Frankly, the name itself is enough to confuse casual observers. In... Continue Reading →

MS Office Built-in Feature Allows Malware Execution Without Macros Enabled

Since new forms of cybercrime are on the rise, traditional techniques seem to be shifting towards more clandestine that involve the exploitation of standard system tools and protocols, which are not always monitored. Security researchers at Cisco's Talos threat research group have discovered one such attack campaign spreading malware-equipped Microsoft Word documents that perform code... Continue Reading →

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